MQTT node name formatting

Just curious as to why the spacing of naming the node is different between the mqtt in vs out?
As you can see the unifi 'out' node is larger than the 'in' node, yet it they are the same character count..
It looks like spacing is added in front of the text, but i have not added it..

Nothing wrong with functionalty, just purely a cosmetic question

I can confirm I see that too. Node red 2.2.2 in Chrome (on Ubuntu).

All output type nodes do it


It isn't the difference between in and out it is the different spacing at the front of the out dependent on string length.

It isn't intentional - possibly a completely unnoticed (at least, unreported until now) side-effect of how we pad the text depending on where the icon is.

Noticed it for a long time but never thought it worth mentioning as assumed there was a good reason for it :slight_smile:

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I only noticed it last night when I was redoing some of my flows!
Odd thing is, the bottom row nodes don't mismatch!

If you drop characters of the right of unifi you will find that the padding switches at some point.

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