MQTT node not working with MYSQL node

Hey Guys,

I'm currently have an MQTT node set up that is subscribed to temp and when a message comes it it send it to a function that decodes the message from the MQTT. I then set a msg.topic SQL query but when ever i deploy this MySQL node keeps saying not yet connected.

Everytime i disconnected the MQTT node or rename the topic for the MQTT then MYSQL nodes connects but then when i send a message to that topic and i deploy the nodes again it stops working.

If you attach a debug to the function, what do you see coming out/going into the mysql node.

Also, if you use an inject instead of the MQTT node (but send the exact same payload and topic) does the problem still occur?

Ps, you can capture (copy) the exact payload of the MQTT node by adding a debug node & then using the copy button that appears under your mouse pointer when you hover over the payload in the debug window.


Yeah so that's the thing I attach a function to the SQL node it connects or if i connect a inject node it is connected but as soon as I add a MQTT node to them nodes lets say like this

MQTT -> function -> MYSQL node it then says not yet connected and won't connect to the database.

And i don't send any payloads it's just when i connect the MQTT node up and as soon as the node is connected to the MQTT Broker then MYSQL node stops connecting to database

Cant really help unless you provide details.

  • Screenshot of the issue

  • Export your flow.

  • Show us what comes out of the MQTT node

Remember that the mqtt node may send something as soon as you deploy, even if you think you are not publishing anything at that time. That is why you need to connect a debug node to see if anything is being sent to the SQL node.

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