MQTT Server Connectivity from Podman

Hi everyone, have been tearing my hair out over this one, and wondering if anyone has seen it.

I am in the process of migrating my home automation setup from Centos 7 / Docker to Centos 8 / Podman and are testing my setup. I'm attempting to run rootless podman where possible, but for the purposes of simplifying this issue, i'm running root podman and standard uid / gid's to avoid any further confusion (ie this should effectivley replicate my current docker setup).

I run a standalone mosquitto mqtt container using port 1883 to connect from node red, which runs in its own container. Both containers are configured to expose their ports to the host (using the -p flags). I have connectivity between each container and the host IP, I.E. I can ping and my other containers (such as home-assistant) can connect to the MQTT broker using the host IP and port.

For some reason when I use the host IP ( to connect to my broker from node-red I get a connection failed. If I drop into the shell and manually try to subscribe to a topic using mosquitto_sub, it times out. When I use the IP of the mosquitto container directly ( it works fine.

Examples from the CLI publishing from the host and trying to subscribe to the topic in my node-red container:

The only thing that makes me think it's something with the node-red container is that as I mentioned above, I can successfully connect to the mosquitto container using my host's IP via the homeassistant container and the host itself.

I'm using the latest versions of node-red and mosquitto containers.

Any ideas appreciated.

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