Node Red Aedes External Devices not connecting

Hello All, If there is a better place to post this question. Please let me know.. Still new to the Node-Red community.

I have used Mosquitto MQTT Broker on the Pi and just switched over to using Docker and trying to learn something new. I thought it would be easier to have a MQTT broker in Node Red. Less to maintain and all in one platform.

The issue I am having is getting other devices on my network to connect to it. Is Node-Red-Contrib-Aedes a full MQTT Broker that can be used similar to Mosquitto? If so I would appreciate any pointers on how to troubleshoot this issue.

I do have the Broker running and the Local Nodes connected.

Thank you all for your time.

What did you have to "maintain" with Mosquitto that made you switch to docker ?

Docker will add a layer of complexity that in the end does not solve anything, especially on a Pi (for which there is fantastic support for Node-red).

You found your first roadblock. You need to add a port mapping to the docker container, your devices are connecting to an ip + port, which is not configured on your container, add the mapping, restart the container.

Note that when node-red is down, the broker will be down too, and certain node-red nodes require compiling parts of their packages, there is no compiler available in the container and you won't be installing those nodes easily.

I would suggest to run the applications natively without the need for containers (you can still install the mqtt broker inside node-red ofcourse).

yes. i have been used Node-Red-Contrib-Aedes with 0 issues.

HI bakman2, Thank you for your reply. Honestly I just wanted to understand what all the hype was about with Docker. I have much to learn with this stuff and everything new thing I try I get a little further. Can you please give me you point of view on Docker and when/if it should be considered to be used?

I am OK with node-red and the MQTT Broker being tied at the hip, as everything I am doing right now requires both.

Can you teach me a little on what the compiler does for nodes so I can commit that one to memory.

Thank you again for for your time.

This was the video I referenced. I thought the idea was pretty cool. Primarily I will use MQTT and Node Red. I wanted to dabble in Grafana.

Can you give some pointers on why not to do it this way?

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