Mqtt broker on odroid

I just got one of the odroid n2+ boards and installed node red on it. it appears there are some issues with installing the MQTT broker. Curious if anyone else has got this going

Does node-red-contrib-aedes work for you?
I have tried it, and although it doesn't provide as many features as Mosquito, it has enough for most user cases, and is extremely easy & quick to setup.


My MQTT broker (mosquitto version 1.4.15) runs flawlessly on an Odroid c1+, Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS.

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Turns out this whole MQTT broker thing works a lot better if you have mosquito installed. I have been running node-red et al on a raspberry pi for quite some time. It was pretty pain free setting it up and I was just following the footsteps which were pretty well documented. Odroid is not so well documented and it had been so long since I had set up the raspberry that I had forgotten the details. I was getting could not connect to the MQTT server on localhost but was able to connect to the one on the raspberry. I'm using the node-red-contrib-aedes and once I installed Mosquito the errors went away.

I think if you have installed mosquitto then you should remove the aedes node, otherwise you are trying to run two MQTT brokers.
Personally I can't see that aedes has any advantages anyway, mosquitto is usually so easy to install. Presumably also aedes runs in the node-red process rather than a separate process as mosquitto does which may be a factor on lower performance hardware.


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