AEDES MQTT Broker for Node-Red

Anyone familiar with the AEDES MQTT Broker? It's my understanding that it is a BASIC MQTT broker for Node-Red. Is this code that runs on the local machine like Mosquitto, or is this a cloud-service?

UPDATE: Looks like it written in Node.js specifically for Node-Red

It runs on your local machine, and not cloud based.
It's an easy route into MQTT, but as node-RED is single threaded, it will use node-RED's processing time, whilst installing and using Mosquitto will not.
Mosquitto also has more advanced features (if you need them).
In balance, the advantage in favour of Aedes is that if you backup node-RED, it's quick & easy to restore your system if you have a problem.

Paul-Reed, Thanks for the reply.

Is it possible to run two instances of Node-Red; one for the MQTT broker and one for a client?

Why would you want to do that?
If it's to get around the 'single threaded' aspect, it would be much more efficient to run one instance of node-RED + mosquitto.

Efficiency aside; would it be possible to run two instances of Node-Red?

BTW: I am probably going to use Mosquitto.

Yes you can run multiple Node-RED instances. Using the -u command line parameter to point a second instance to a different user directory, and -p to set a different port.

Aedes is a node.js broker implementation. It was not written for Node-RED specifically.

To echo what has been said, we'd strongly recommend using mosquitto outside of Node-RED.

knolleary, Thanks for the info.

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