MQTT-SN Support

Does Node-RED have support for MQTT-SN? In a similar way to MQTT, it can have a publish and subscribe nodes, but might require a different broker because I think the popular Mosquitto broker doesn't support MQTT-SN.

I'm not aware of a JavaScript implementation of SN.

There are a few packages:

So someone could create a node that wraps one of those modules, assuming any of them are complete and stable implementations. No reason it has to be in the core.

That was new to me even it is quite old - thank you for the info.
As I read the docs it is designed more to sit in between the sensor node and the broker or integrated into the broker as for a connection between Node-RED and the broker. But the UDP-Protocol short topics and payload QoS -1 all sounds perfect for small micos to keep awake time and traffic as low as possible.

Yes I must admit I have implemented MQTT-SN several times (initially in a few lines of perl anyone ?) - only to do the udp QoS -1 as a broadcast so I didn't need to know about a local broker address at all - so it could be fixed in arduino flash.


Me too, but it seems to be currently on the OASIS agenda.

Indeed, I played with MQTT-SN when it was merely a research paper from our colleagues in Zurich. I did do a C implementation once for a Japanese smart metering project, but that's a story for another day.

Very pleased to see it arrive at OASIS and begin its path to proper standardisation.