MQTT store in mysql

Hello Guys, I need help correct my code, i fail store data on mysql
this my flow:

this my function code:
msg.topic = msg.payload
var tag1 = msg.payload.P1-basic/L1_N_Voltage(V)
var tag2 = msg.payloadP1-basic/L1_L2_Voltage(V)
msg.topic="INSERT INTO test (L1_N_VOLTAGE, L1_L2_VOLTAGE ) VALUES ('"+ tag1 +"', '"+ tag2 +"')";
return msg;

and this my error

Thanks Guys

If you have a minus sign in a property name (which is a bad idea, don't do it unless you have not choice) then you can't use the dot shortcut for property access. The interpreter sees the dash and thinks it is a minus operator. You will have to use
var tag1 = msg.payload["P1-basic"]/L1_N_Voltage(V)

Is L1_N_Voltage a function? if not then what is L1_N_Voltage(V) supposed to mean?
Or perhaps P1-basic/L1_N_Voltage(V) is the property name, in which case put it all in quotes in brackets.

Also you have a dot missing in the next line.

[Edit] Also, before connecting to the database node, feed it into a debug node and check the query looks correct.

thanks for response collin.
P1-basic/L1_N_Voltage(V) is my topic mqtt publish.

I tried the code you gave it doesn't work.
msg.topic = msg.payload
var tag1 = msg.payload["P1-basic/L1_N_Voltage(V)"]
var tag2 = msg.payload["P1-basic/L1_L2_Voltage(V)"]
//var tag2 = msg.payload.P1-basic/L1_L2_Voltage(V)

msg.topic="INSERT INTO test (L1_N_VOLTAGE, L1_L2_VOLTAGE ) VALUES ('"+ tag1 +"', '"+ tag2 +"')";
return msg;
debug before conneting database:

error code:

"Error: WARN_DATA_TRUNCATED: Data truncated for column 'L1_N_VOLTAGE' at row 1"

Fyi debug response data mqtt:

Your mqtt messages arrive at different times. You will need to join the mqtt messages, use a join node and join manually as key/value object using msg.topic as key, Set the count to 2.

Thank Guys this promblem solve

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