MQTT Subscription lost

Has anyone seen this issue before? I have 128 Axis D4100-e strobe/sirens that are using MQTT to turn on and off during a school lockdown procedure. They work great when the subscription is entered. But, what seems to happen approximately every week and a half to two weeks, is the MQTT subscription is gone. I will know this because the strobe won't flash during a lockdown procedure. Upon logging into a strobe I notice that the subscription is no longer entered within the strobe. The Axis P3267-LV camera hosting the Node-Red broker never loses its subscription. I am using version 3.9-1.I have 128 strobes connected to one Aedes MQTT Broker. Thank you.

I'm afraid that most of us don't use that Broker as it takes quite a bit of resources compared to the more common Mosquitto broker that is very reliable and performant.

You might need to up the log level for the broker and Node-RED to see what is happening.

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Thank you very much! I appreciate that.

You could also look at the 'last will and testament' option in MQTT if your devices and broker supports this - the broker will send a message out if the device connection drops automatically. Obviously you need something to pick the messages up :slight_smile:

You can then take action to reconnect manually that device (if you cannot set the device up to do this) and I've found it handy to map out drop times to see if anything is consistent or environmental based.