MQTT to Sonoff and Ring Devies

I am looking at an alternative to make my own MQTT maybe with a Raspberry PI. But I want to control Sonoff devices from using Ring Motion and Door sensors. Is this possible and what would be thebest way to go about this please?

Can you explain what you mean by that please?

This can be done if you are prepared to re-flash the devices with one of the alternatives such as tasmotta or espeasy. If you want to use the device with the manufactures s/w then I am not sure if this is possible.

Hi Colin.
I have just ordered a DollaTek FT232 USB To TTL Adapter Module Serial Download Brush Plate FT232BL/RL
SO yeh, I will flash the Sonoff with Tasmotta.
After that I am looking to run scenes, such as at sunset turn on Sonoff Outside lights, Turn Off at 10pm.
If the patio door contact on the Ring Alarm is open, and it is after Sunset and after 10PM turn on Sonoff Outside lights. Then turn off 30 Seconds after Patio Door is closed.

That can all be done using node-red, communicating with the devices through MQTT.

That's what I was hoping for. I just now need to google and find out more info. How would I connect to the Ring Door Contacts? or integrate the Ring account into Node Red?

I thought you were flashing them with Tasmotta.

I was not aware I could flash the Ring Devices?

Ah, sorry, I misinterpreted your post where you mentioned Tasmotta.
Do the Ring devices have some sort of API or MQTT capability so they can be connected to s/w other than the suppliers? If not then it will be tricky.

From google its pointing to Homebridge to connect by MQTT, so still searching around

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