Hi there,
I installed this node with the intention to control a sonoff basic switch over the lan.
I can ping the device and its port 8081 is open.
However, the node shows "disconnected". Same for the Sonoff-Lan-Listener.

The node requires just the IP of the device so I am not sure what else to do.
Is there anyone that got it working?

If you look at the node's open issues on its github page you will see there are two issues that that may explain what you are seeing. They have not been answered which suggests that the node is not supported by the author. I think you will have to find another way. Many flash the sonoff devices with the Tasmota firmware and use that to communicate with node-red via MQTT.

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As @Colin suggested, quite a few people on the forum have flashed their Sonoff switches with Tasmota firmware and control the switches via MQTT. Here's a screenshot of part of one of my NR flows.

Thank you Colin for pointing me to that page. It is noted. Pity it doesn't work. I haven't found anything yet that can control Sonoff devices on LAN without having to flash them with different software. Will keep looking.
Thank you