MQTT yellow Connecting

Hi, I'm a little new to Node-Red so be kind.:slight_smile:

I have a device in Watson IOT that I'm trying to connect my MQTT in/out to. I keep getting "connecting' beside either MQTT in/out node.

I have setup another MQTT node to so I can see my payload working with that setup.

I suspect I have a security setting wrong some where. I have copied my settings from my application that is sending data on the topic to Watson. I have confirmed that my app is connecting to Watson since I can see the data and successful connections in Watson.

My question: is there a way to log what is happening with the MQTT node that keeps saying "Connecting" - IE: someway to see what it is getting stuck on?

Thanks for help with the newb question.

sudo tail /var/log/mosquitto/mosquitto.log -f will show you the logs, at least on a Pi installation.

Watson IOT uses token based security and some weird topic structure so it's somewhat hard to make standard MQTT nodes work with it. There are some specific iot nodes that try to help - eg and

Hi, yes those contribs helped!