Msg.object change number

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Hello :slight_smile:
: I try to change the Object to number...
Can I export the brightness value of the msg : Object as a number?

What if I could...

Can you explain a bit more what you would like to do? msg.brightness is already set to the number 137. What would you like to do with it?

As per your other thread....

I've checked. Thank you for your answer. I'm sorry for posting it repeatedly. I joined the community today, but I'm still not good at using it...

Now it's an object. It's printed in Jason format. I want to print an integer through msg.payload, not msg.
thank you.

At the moment you have msg.brightness set to the value of 137

If you want msg.payload to have the value of 137 then , as @dceejay said, you can use a Change node to move it from msg.brightness to msg.payload.

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It was very helpful to me. Thank you.

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