Msg.payload from multiple nodes to ui_template

I have multiple function nodes that I would like to send each msg.payload to the ui_template so it displays all data at once. Is that possible?

My ui_template is a table. I am trying to display the data from the different function nodes in its own column in the ui_template. Reading other threads it looks like I cannot use the flow.set and flow.get. Any other option?

Well, something needs to aggregate the multiple msg payloads -- just wiring 2 functions into one template will not accomplish that automatically (darn it).

You can use a join node set to manual mode, if you know how many msgs are needed and each can have its own topic. The disadvantage is that you may need to wait for all functions to output their part of the data before displaying it (depending on your use case).

Or, you can have the ui_template code take each incoming msg and "map" it to a different dom element (more dynamic, but typically a bit harder to write). Since the dashboard uses both jQuery and Angular v1 libs, either of those can be used to find and update dom elements with the incoming partial data.

Thanks Shrickus, I will look into the join first and see if that solves it for me.