Msg.payload undefined while msg : Object is working - help!

(Node-RED was re-installed yesterday, version 3.0.2, running on a Raspberry Pi 4 4GB)
I've got Node-RED hooked up to Rhasspy via a websocket, and I've got it set up to execute a command whenever it receives a response. I'd like to have it tell if the "text" object from the message is either "on" or "off", but I'm running into a bit of an odd problem.

If I set up a debug node to print the complete msg object, it prints "msg : Object" plus the full JSON. However, if I set it to print msg.payload or any other property (haven't tested every single property obviously, but a lot of them), it always prints "msg.payload : undefined". I would like to be able to use a switch node to tell if the "text" object is either "on" or "off", but I'm unable to do so as I can't set a property for it to check. Any help you could give me with this would be great!

Below this is, in order, my current node setup for debugging, my desired node setup, and the complete msg object that it prints. Thanks in advance!


As you would expect, as there is no msg.payload in the object.
Try setting debug to msg.intent as that is defined.

Yep, I'm dumb. Knew it was something simple like that. Can do msg.text for this. Thanks.

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