Mssql insert statement


  1. Hi Which above node I can use for stable DB connection request?
    • Currently I'm going to inject around 400 insert statement in mssql.
  2. What is the best way should I do to avoid request time out while inserting?

How about 400 rows in one insert statement? Is probably your best option.


The nodes named node-red-node-* were/are created/maintained by the Node-RED team, as optional "core" nodes that are not necessarily part of the default install. As their quality and adherence to the expected node-red programming style are proven, I prefer to use them before using the 3rd party contributed nodes. Sometimes the contrib node provides extra features, and is therefore the right choice -- and since they are all open source, you can look at the code and decide for yourself.

You are great bro, you trigger me the idea. It's good idea inserting multiple row value with one Insert statement and it's work perfectly. Thank you.