MSSQL Node Parameter

I use the MSSQL Node to transfer Data to my SQL Server.
I want to use the parameters like this:
but there comes an error. Is it maybe not posible to have in the name of the parameter a "-" or "_"?

Dash - is not valid in a parameter name.
Underscore _ is valid in a parameter name.

okay what about a dot "."?

Dots won't work either, they are used to separate object names.

Have a look at this:

No. But perhaps you are not understanding the significance of the parameter name?

It is essentially what you would write after a DECLARE e.g. DECLARE @myParam int


  • A letter as defined by the Unicode Standard 3.2. The Unicode definition of letters includes Latin characters from a through z,
    from A through Z, and also letter characters from other languages.
  • The underscore (_), at sign (@), or number sign (#).


Why would you even attempt to use parameters like that? I think you are slightly mixed up - maybe some online SQL Server training would help you out? (strictly speaking, this question has nothing to do with node-red, its a SQL Server question TBF)

In simple terms, if your query works in SSMS it works in this node.

its just for seperate the object properties, they are build like a tree.
and i got in some parameters an underscore and a dot was for seperating objects thats why i went the way with the Dash. But i think i do it then with the hash.

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