Mssql-plus - ECONNCLOSED - Connection is closed

I have a below flow -

Inject -> Query SQL Server A -> Randomly Select 10 records -> split (based on array length of 1) -> Query SQL Server B -> debug message object

During this flow, I get connection is closed for the "Query SQL Server B" node for all the individual payload but last. No error message is thrown if flow is updated to select only 1 random record. If I make it 2, I start getting the error. Any pointers?

Yes, you are probably exhausting the pool or hitting a connection limit.

Where is the SQL server? in the cloud / azure? On premise? What version?

To counter this, try the following...

  1. increase pool to 10
  2. put a delay node after split node set to "rate limit" mode

Thanks for the response, I was able to resolve the issue.

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