Mssql plus connection is closed/timeout

Hi ,

I have a flow which triggers a bunch of 15-20 messages at the same time.
They all go through the same flow. And hit the mssql node.
I keep running into connect closed/ connection timeout from MSSSQL Plus node.

I have increased the connection pool to 50. But it doesnt help.

If i add a delay between the messages - then everything works .

  1. Is this a know issue ?
  2. Any recommendations how to overcome ?
  3. If the only option is adding a delay - then any recommendations on delay time ?

Yes and no.

Is this an azure dB or a full SQL server or SQL express?

It is possible you are exceeding max concurrent queries.

One method would be to queue all your queries in a stack, and only release the next one after SQL server has finished.

Another would be to do multiple queues in one transaction.

Another way would be to use a semaphore to only permit 1 SQL exec at a time.

Full SQL Server - Developer edition.

Isnt 1st and 3rd option kind of same ?
(2nd option doesnt work for me - since i have different flows which need to do different things ).

Does this mean will be able to run only 1 transaction at a time ? irrespective of the number of flows i try to run in parallel ?
That would create for me at least serious performance issue with flows waiting at SQL node.

Would you know why this happens ?

Hi @Steve-Mcl ,
Do you know if there is a way to close the connection after each query (move to stateless mode, i.e. each new query will open/close its own connection)?

Any suggestions ? Anyone ?

Hi - Any help on this will be appreciated. Is it a node issue / SQLS issue - not clear.

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