MSSQL Plus - New Feature Request - Allow creds on msg

Hi ,

Is it possible to upgrade this node - such that if user/password/server/database/port - is defined on the msg (special attributes - msg.sqlsuser and so on ... ) - then the node - will take it from there - else continue like today ?

Background - in order to host the flow on 1 Node Red Server and make the flow interact with multiple databases dynamically - currently its not possible.

Not just not possible it means - if we need the same infrastructure to work across databases - it means with every new database - we need to change the flows to add a node for a new DB every time.

What ends up happening is - the flows are currently working for database a , b , c and when new database d comes in - we need to ask backend team to configure it to the flows making a strong dependency on technical team to be involved.

(I hope i managed to convey).

With this FR , front end user - the user can key in the database details (using Dashboard front end or any other front end) - and the same flow works for him for this new DB.

Hope i managed to explain the situation.

That is not a core node, you will need to raise an issue with the author via GitHub.