Multi-Language Dashboard

Hi All,

I know this topic was covered briefly last year in this forum here but I wanted to circle back and see if anything had changed in regards to this or if anyone has a good idea on how to do this...

We have a node-red dashboard in use at a facility where workers are using it to feed our machine, select food types, biology types, etc. There is minimal interaction but for the short time they're using it sometimes theres a language barrier. Is there a way to toggle languages of the dashboards? Even just a few buttons but ideally the whole thing.


All the options displayed are fed from the application so you need to translate those there. There is no magic translation lookup table built in

Could you possibly explain that a little more? Not quite sure I understand. Thanks

Can you show me where is the text in the dashboard that needs translation ?
Node of the UI widgets (or at least the core ones) have any built in text as far as I know.

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