Multilanguage label dashboard

Hello everybody,
there is some support for internationalization (i18n) of the node-red-dashboard?
In order to use multilanguage label instead of fixed label in run-time dashboard (localhost/ui/xxx).

As alternative, is it possible to use dynamic text (as {{}} or {{}}) as label inside dashboard node?

Thanks in advance

I don't think there are any fixed language labels in the dashboard ? You can set them how you like. And yes a lot of the labels can be dynamic by setting them like {{msg xxx}} as you suggest.

If there are any fixed ones please let us know.

Thank you dceejay for the prompt answer.

Probably I said that badly.
With "fixed label" I mean typed text inside label attribute in node property.

If it's possible to use dynamic text inside typed text (please refer to attached images)

for me it should be enough.

I checked documentation but I didn't find which msg field is used to fill this attribute at run-time.
Please, could you help me indicating which field ( or is used to set dynamically these labels?

Thanks in advance

did you try some ? as it's a variable you can use whatever you like {{}}

Thank you dceejay.

I tried something and it wasn't working.
Now I'm repeating tests with more "knowledge of the cause" with all dashboard nodes.

Your suggestion works well with numeric node.
I'm able to use dynamic label and tooltip (i.e. {{label}} for label and {{tooltip}} for tooltip, without to indicate entirely {{msg.label}}).
It seems update dashboard page label only after a page refresh (probably this could be one of my initial troubles) but it's acceptable.

With form node it seems not works: I have moustache string (i.e. {{label.p1}}) in dashboard page label, instead of dynamic text.

I'll investigate deeply repeating test for all nodes and I'll let you know.

Thanks and

Yes - good point - I wouldn't expect it to work for form.

Thank you dcejaay and sorry for the late of this response.

All is working properly, except the form that isn't working as per your expectations.