Multiple conditions

So i have a solar system, and i made a simple node where, if the sensor "solar surplus" which shows how much more i produce than the house uses, is above 200 Watts, it turns on, and if it goes below, it turns off. This is for a charger for a kickscooter so that i can plug it in whenever i come home, and it will only charge when i have surplus solar.

But i wanted to add another restriction so that it will not turn on unless the solar system's battery pack is above 80% state of charge.

So essentially it is

Surplus solar above 200 watts AND battery statement of charge above 80% that is to turn it on, and if either falls below, it should turn off.

Right now it is just a state node that is set to 0.2 (kw) and then a Call service node on each output of the state node, that calls for the turning on and off, of the shelly.

Sorry if this is really basic, i am not very good at this yet, but i am still learning.

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