Multiple Content Stores

I've been playing with the recent context storage enhancements after updating to version 0.20.05 and don't get a choice in the ui for which store to use as stated in the docs Using Context in a flow below are the relevant lines from my settings.js
contextStorage: {

  •  default: "memoryOnly",*
  •  memoryOnly: { module: 'memory' },*
  •  file: { module: 'localfilesystem' }*
  • },*
    I can use file storage in function code e.g. "flow.set("count", 123, storeName);" and have verified file storage is used but get nothing in the ui as is stated in the docs. I've even tried without default: "memoryOnly", in settings.js to no avail.

It should look like this:

    contextStorage: {
        default: {
        file: {
            module: 'localfilesystem'

So that the default entry is memory as per previous versions of Node-RED. Then you can use the "file" scheme for persistent storage.

I got confused with this as well. You don't define memory separately.

Cheers got it working now my settings file was ok

	contextStorage: {
	   default: "memoryOnly",
	   memoryOnly: { module: 'memory' },
	   file: { module: 'localfilesystem' }

but I messed up my post by formatting a block of text as italic for this forum which added bullets and "*" to my message.
However I had made the rookie error of not refreshing the web page displaying the node-red ui !!

Oops, ignore the below. That error comes from something else in my test setup I think. I need a clearout.

I get an error if I use your settings:

5 Jun 19:13:58 - [info] Context store  : 'memoryOnly' [module=memory]
5 Jun 19:13:58 - [info] Context store  : 'file' [module=localfilesystem]
5 Jun 19:13:59 - [warn] Unknown context store 'memory' specified. Using default store.

I remember Nick telling me that was the wrong way to do it.