Multiple Dashboards again

I would want to implement multiple variants of the same dashboard.
I have two TVs that should display pretty graphs and stuff.
I have about 5 pretty cheap 10" tablets that should display the same information with different widgets to save some space.
And I want the same page with even smaller elements (Text elements) to display the same information on my phones...

If there is no real way to use multiple users, could I somehow determine the size and enable or disable groups based on that?

Maybe you can consider using node-red-contrib-mdashboard
I would then suggest to create different tabs for each device screen type
and manually select the proper tab for each device where you are accessing the UI.

Not a perfect solution but maybe good enough for your use case.

I think you have a number of choices including the one from the other answer:

  • Use multiple instances of Node-RED - each with its own Dashboard. This will require more resources of course.
  • Output data to InfluxDB and use Grafana which natively supports multi-user access.
  • Don't use Dashboard but an alternative such as uibuilder - but that requires you to create your own UI. uibuilder lets you create multiple pages for a single node instance and also lets you have multiple node-instances.

I think the best option would be to use grafana or the visualizer from the influxdb guys, since I am using influxdb anyways.

Or I try uibuilder.
I'm not that comfortable with Javascript, so do you know a guide for uibuilder? I didn't find the Readme too helpful.
I know a little vue tho.

Otherwise I came up with the idea to use an invisible template that sends the screen size or other identifying information to node red, so I could enable and disable groups per session...
In that case it would be best to package that into a custom node - in case anyone else could use it.

Yes, sorry about that. The README got a bit out of hand over various releases. If you look on GitHub at the security branch, you'll see a lot more in the docs folder. There is also a lot of content on the WIKI (also due for a tidy - planning to redo that as a new website before too long).

If you have any specific feedback on documentation, please let me know.

If you know some Vue, then you should find uibuilder easy enough. bootstrap-vue is also included so that you don't need to do much (any?) styling if you are happy with the basic bootstrap formatting.

The WIKI has examples of using a number of charting libraries as well.

I'd agree - this is likely to be your best bet - at least for the short-term.

uibuilder would be an option if you then wanted to get something more bespoke in the future.

Is this possible with node-red-contrib-mdashboard?
Would enabling or disabling a group not affect all sessions ?

You could send a message containing a valid session-id to only affect that session.
I previously verified that this would work.

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