Multistate switch issue

I am not sure if I’m doing something wrong, but have set up a dashboard to display a map and to be able to switch lights on and off via Alexa.

Currently I use two buttons to control a light, one to send an off message and one a on message. I was looking at using the Multistate switch node instead but when I place the node onto the flow screen and place a couple of buttons on the node it doesn’t appear on the dashboard after deployment. I can post a export of the node setup later on when am back home but just wondered in the meantime if there’s anything obvious I’ve missed out?

You may need to elaborate on that.

There could be a size/space issue.

Maybe a screen shot of the dashboard before and after you put the switch.
But, of course, we can wait until you get home. :wink:

Oh and just to help: in palette manager, copy and paste the name of the multi-state switch too.
Just in case there is some confusion there too.

Will do so when have proper chance to get the relevant details. I think there might be a conflict between nodes somewhere possibly as well. I’m considering uninstalling and starting afresh to see what happens :slightly_smiling_face:

Issue resolved, I was right in suspecting some conflict, I think it might have been two dashboards competing with each other and the dominant one stopped the other one functioning. I completely uninstalled and reinstalled NR and all is good now :grinning:

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Reinstalling node red won't make any difference to which nodes are installed, they are in your .node-red folder and will still be there after the re-install.

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