Multistate switch - no output topic

Just noticed that the ui-multistate-switch output does not enable users to specify an output topic.
Most of the dashboard nodes do have this feature, and it would be a useful addition, and help simplify dashboard flows.

Hi Paul,

Indeed that makes sense.
But there are two pratical issues in our config screen:


  1. The editableList will become quite full, when we add a fourth "Topic" column. And I would like to keep all the settings on a single row.

  2. The second column has header label "Value", which will be mapped by default to the payload (see orange link). When we would have called - at the time being - that column instead "Payload", then imho it would look more natural if we had a "Topic" column next to it. Although perhaps that doesn't matter...

Let's call the Node-RED interior designer @hotNipi, for professional styling advise :wink:


Yes, that is what I thought, and would fulfil most configurations IMO.

Of course we could do something similar to like we did in the SVG node.
Which means showing the State Field as column header:


Then the editableList column headers are message field names, so you see immediately which value will be send in which field...

And when the user changes the State Field, then the column header will be adapted automatically to the same value.

That would give the biggest range of user options, but using the same topic for all switch options would be simpler to implement, and meet most requirements.
But whichever, you and @hotnipi decide... :+1:

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For me that is ok...

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I think the topic should be common.


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Mister Paul,

I see that the other nodes do it like this:


Is that really required? Or is a simple input text box enough: when filled in, then use that value. Otherwise we leave the original msg.topic unchanged...

I would say no.
IMO you could keep it simple.


Hi Paul,
Would be nice if you could test it (from Github...). The 'topic' field is at the bottom of the config screen...

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Works great here.
The only change that I'd make is to change the topic label from Topic to Output Topic (or Topic Out (if you are short of space), to avoid any confusion.


Thanks, I can delete the change nodes now :grinning:

You are lucky. Just enough space available:


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This is now available via version 1.2.2 in the palette:



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