i am using muntistateswitch slider , increase the size but could nod increase the slide height
the green color slider.

Welcome to the forums, however we'll need a bit more information than that.

What have you tried?
What do you want to achieve?

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I am kind of guilty about the CSS of this widget. Well anybody with knowledge of how the widgets fit into dashboard CSS can give advises but to give best one it takes to know what is the design target. I see you trying to make it a bit higher. That bit can be ahieved many ways.

Most easier is to increase the font size. All other things should then grow accordingly so you have same look but just a bit bigger. There is a limit when the layout brakes. it comes from the unit size of the dashboard settings and that is not under the widget control.

If the balance of sizes doesn't fit into your design target then of course you'll need to deal with each element individually and that is something more complicated and can't be put into words but needs clear definition and trying out afterwards.

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