MySQL node connection always refused


I try to get data from an external database with MySQL node, but it always refuses to connect.
The flow consists from inject node -> MySQL -> debug node. I want to show the database value. Must I install phpMyAdmin and MySQL on Raspberry?



The remote server does not seem to like your user name/password or it doesn't like remote access.

  1. Are you the owner of the remote server?
  2. have you remotely accessed the database from any other application?
  3. have you checked with the DBA of the remote database to see if they can shed some light on the problem?


Have you tried connecting the the database from the machine running node red using the command line mysql command or another mysql client?
In the mysql config on the server have you allowed it to be accessed remotely? That is via the bind-address setting in the mysql config file.



Sorry, its because my webhost disable remote MySQL connection