Mysql node not working properly

Hello, Im trying to connect to a MySQL database via the node-red-node-mysql. After I enter the appropriate info it reads back an error msg 'Error: Cannot find module './protocol/constants/client'. Does anyone know a solution to fix this problem?

  • what platform is NR running on?
  • what version of NR and node.js? (look at the NR startup log)
  • is the mysql server on the same device as NR?
  • from a CLI, can you access mySQL?
  • have you configured the mysql node?

The NR is running on the MultitConnect Conduit AEP. The NR version is v0.15.3 and yes the my sql sever is on the same device as node red. The node is configured and I can access the server through the command line.

I suspect that we may end up out of luck. That is indeed a very old version - so we may have to try to find a mysql node version of similar vintage - you may have to try several and even then we may be out of luck (not to mention any bugs that may have in them that have since been fixed)... I would maybe start somewhere around node-red-node-mysql@0.0.15 and see if that works. If so then try newer until it fails - if not work backwards.

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