MYSQL - Some connect and some don't


I have a flow where I quarry a db in AWS, all my data are in the same db but different tables.

I had to reset my password and now not all the node-red-node-mysql nodes connect to the db.

They are either "OK" or just blank, although all there configurations are the same.

Any ideas please.

In the mysql nodes are they all using the same database config node (so only one entry in the Database dropdown?


How many configurations are seen when you select the drop-down? (There should only be one)

Have you restarted node-red to reinitialise connections?


There is more than one but they are all set on the same one.

I have reboot my EC2 instance as well.

That isn't what you are supposed to do. Use one config for all. Delete the rest.

Are there other ones to the same database? If so then delete them (in hamburger menu Configuration Nodes).

I have deleted the other two.

Restarted my follows, still some not connecting.


Have you tried stop/starting node-red?

Have the nodes ran? Some don't update status till a msg has passed through. Use debug nodes before and after mysql nodes to confirm.

Were all working perfectly until I changed the password.

Have put debug, before and after (this were my first step to fault find) correct topic in, but not connecting and not passing quarry out.

Restarted it several times.

Here you can see even the node reports all good, but the data are not written to the db.


I have deleted the 3 flows that manages the display of the data, now the data are written to the db, so I will leave it for 12 hours and see if it's stable.

What is the max connections that you can make to a db with the node-red-node-mysql?

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