Can't Connect database mysql

hi:) i wanna ask something. i have problem when i try to insert my value sensor or input to database mysql. some error show on this picture.

how can i fix it? can help me please?? what should i do? thank you

Hi @madihatunn

that suggests there is some configuration issue with the database node you are using.

What node module are you using for the database node?
How have you configured it?
Have you checked the mysql database you are using is running and accepting connections in general?

i used mysql database node, like this database and the configuration in node like on this picture bellow

i'm sure the mysql database connected

Is mysql running on the same machine as node-red? If so then try localhost rather than ip address.
Can you access the server from the node red machine using another sql client such as the msql command line?

Also you have not said which mysql node you are using. Possibly node-red-contrib-something.

Have you configured mysql server to allow remote connections - these days it defaults to not allowing outside connections for security.