Node red connection to remote mysql

Hi , I am using node red at my windows 10 , and my database is located at different server with domain ,now I try to connect to that DB with MySQL node with my db. information to send sensors data , but it doesn't work and connect ,my first question is ,is it possible to connect or not ? and the second ,how I can do it?

What you are trying to do is surely possible as a number of people on the forum do that.
Is it possible for you to share the Node-RED flow you have created so far?
If you can do this, then it would help us to help you further.

Also, have you tried connecting using the mysql command line tool, or other client? Once that works then you will know that it is possible in node red.

template :
INSERT INTO sensor_data (id,sensor,location,value1,value2,reading_time) VALUES ( {{1}},{{1}},{{1}},{{1}},{{1}} )

You should not have the http on the front. Are you sure that is the right URL for the database?

In your initial post you say you are using but a domain lookup shows that domain is up for sale.

Then in your configuration you use but entering that into a browser gets you this:

If you had a database with them, I hope you have a backup because it looks like it has gone under.

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