Node-red to WampServer on my laptop

Hello guys, im new to node-red and I am trying to send my sensor readings to a database but MySql DB is on my laptop and not locally to my pi. How can send data to MySql on my laptop?

Provided you have set your mysql db up to be accessible remotely then you should just be able to specify the laptop as the server in the mysql node.

sorry but how can i do that on wamp?

That's not a Node-RED question. You'll need to do a google search to find out how to remotely access mysql in wamp.

Once you have it working outside of NR then you should be able to get it working inside NR.

That isn't even near to being a node red question, but I do happen to know that for mysql itself, in the mysql conf file, you have to change
bind-address =
bind-address = your.server.ip.address


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