Node red and phpmyadmin

Can i get some advice how to connect node red IBM platform to phpmyadmin mysql database

  1. PHPMyAdmin is a php tool that allows you to manage your mysql databases.
  2. why do you want to want to connect node-red to it?
  3. I don't thnk it is currently possible, but maybe you could write an interface between them

If you want to connect the two you could have a link in the node-red dashboard that linked to the phpMyAdmin web panel... at least on a local setup, not sure what you would have to go thru to link it to the IBM platform though...

I just wanted to send some data to matlab from node-red ibm platform to my local computer and i was considering to use phpmyadmin mysql database... i encountered some new info how to send the data to my local computer and they include tcp and aws.... if their are any insights on how to use tcp to do so i would appreciate it...

Ok there are a number of things you need to understand and clear up:
Terminology - in order to get help using a technology, you need to know the terminology in order to be able to communicate and ask questions that don't leave others scratching thier heads and wondering what you are talking about. With that in mind, there is no such thing as phpmyadmin mysql database.

  • There is a type of database called MySQL, there are another called mysql, sqlite, influxdb to name just a few.
  • there is a tool that allows you to manage MySQL databases called phpMyAdmin

So with all that, I think you have Node-RED running on the IBM platform and you want to send send send data to your local PC and store it in a database - in this case it is a MySQL database. After that you want to use MatLab to access the database.

So you are going to have to find out/learn how to

  • install MySQL on your computer (google instructions - that is beyond this forum)
  • install MatLab on your computer (google instructions - that is beyond this forum)
  • Can Node-RED running on the IBM cloud, connect to the database you create on your PC or can you use another method (like MQTT) to transfer the data
  • How to connect MatLab to the database and access the date (google instructions - that is beyond this forum)

So you have a lot of work cut out for you and feel free to ask any questions about Node-RED here.

Thanks, i am grateful for your response zenofmud