Need a hand with cloudant node-red dashboard

Id like to build a standard flow for interfacing with cloudant via the node-red dashboard.

I know there are tutorials to connect and retrieve info via cloudant but I havnt been able to find a comprehensive flow that covers making a free form search from a content field and writing the result back to cloudant, If someone can point me to a more comprehensive flow showing integration with the dashboard to make searches and writes that would be helpful,

Here's what Im trying to do:
Id like to make freeform searches on the content of the tweets based on 15 minute increments.- aggregate the results and and then write the results back to cloudant with the search terms / average sentiment appended and datestamps in month day year time format.

My cloudant data base was created with the following: msg.payload via tweetnode to cloudant

{ "timestamp" : msg.tweet.timestamp_ms , "tweet" : msg.tweet.text, "sentiment" : msg.sentiment.score}

so the individual entry written looks like this in cloudant:

{ "_id": "02e64bcd64333371b617ea174a014bca", "_rev": "1-428ef3751b91ee0f4d93a8a3087f3592", "timestamp": "1549466344259", "tweet": "Come at meet our team ", "sentiment": 0 }

not using url nodes Im building a node-red interface using message.payload in .json directly to cloudant to manage and manipulate this info via dashboard. Which cloudant node is best for this non-use of urls?

Can I get a hand with likely data structures, msg.payloads and search strings to pass to the cloudant node via node-red and dashboard msg.payload

during the process my goal is to parse the data into the largest chucks for tonal analysis and also include so the returned/written result back to cloudant would be
{ date_range_in_15_minute_increments : date/time fuzzy_search_term: found_term(s)
aggregated_text : english_text_stripped_of_hashs_and_urls average_sentiment_in_period
avg_sentiment_score_in aggregated_range average_tone_in_period :avg_single_tone_of_aggregated_text}