Need assistance converting serial input buffer to numbers

Why are you asking the serial node to break data up into lengths of 8 bytes when your specification states 13 byte values will be returned for a 252 request?

Something is a miss.

I suspect you need to send a character AFTER 252 (like a CR or LF or ETX)

Do you have a link to the documentation?

Many thanks for all the help so far.

Documentation is very limited. What I send you above is all I have. The uart serial port is very basic an uses al the basic/standard setup and protocols I was told.

I think you are correct the data from the serial port is incorrect.

The reason I split it I was trying to split it from the serial port. That was before I was aware of the buffer parser node.

Buffer parser tries to simplify a quite complex problem of turning a buffer of bytes into usable INTS, FLOATS, STRINGS etc.

The incoming buffer can be chopped and packaged up in a nice payload object (ideal for when you want all values in one place) OR multiple payloads with a topic (ideal for MQTT) OR multiple payloads from multiple outputs (ideal for routing messages)


Its in the help info, but here is a simple example...

Many thanks I really appreciate all your help.

Hi Steve. I have managed to get the serial input data sorted. You were right :smiley:

Now i must just sort out the buffer parser.

Again many thanks.

I am always right sometimes :slight_smile:

It looks daunting but thats due to the task of number extraction and conversion and the billions of combinations possible. I like to think it simplifies things for users (once they get past the initial "what is all this" stage)

You're most welcome.

I managed to get it all working :+1: