Need Help Control Wallbox for E Golf

Hello Node Red Users,

I am just new here in this Forum and a newbie in Node Red, I have just running up some ESP32 sending and receiving message with Node Red.

I am would now control my Wallbox using data from my Volkswagen E Golf, I have download this Node, but I need some help how to use and a example would be great.

I hope some one have this Node already in use and can give me some help to start up.

Greetings from Germany

It would help if you could send us a link to the data sheet of the wallbox.
(Es würde uns helfen, wenn Du uns einen Link posten könntest auf Detail-Informationen zur Wallbox.)
Kind regards,

Thank you Urs,

the Wallbox is self made with ESP32, this is not my problem, the issue I have is the node "we connect".
So if somebody has this Node( node-red-contrib-volkswagen-we 0.0.5) already in use please help me to use it.

Kind Regards,

If the readme for the node is not clear, maybe you should open an issue on the node's issues page Issues · iceglow/node-red-contrib-volkswagen-we · GitHub

..although using an already existing node is far more easy, there are other Wallbox / EV-Charging modules out there.
AFAIK the access to the VW service is http/https based, so using a simple http or websocket node can be used.
Here, for example is some info from another EV-Charging implementation: evcc/vehicle/vw at master · andig/evcc · GitHub that should give some hints.

Thanks a lot for this Information, I will check it out.

But if sombody have this Node in use, it would be great to help me to set it up!

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