Need Help With Alexa

I'm a beginner with Node_Red. I have issue with trying to get alexa devices to show in Node_Red. I'm using a windows 10 machine. Has anyone seen the issue with devices when you tried to speak. Im ab at a lost on this issue. I have the following pallet install on my node red node-red-contrib-alexa-remote2-applestrudel

Can you explain what issues you have ? What you have tried etc...

I have removed and reinstall the Node-Red software. I have installed the following pallets

I'm running a window 10 system. I even change this
netsh interface portproxy add v4tov4 listenport=80 listenaddress= connectport=6000 connectaddress=”

But that cause me not to see any devices so I deleted.

I don't what else to try to see my Alexa Echo's, If you can give me assistance that would be wonderful, I'm a beginner when dealing with node-red.

Its still not clear what the problem is, what devices do you not see and where do you not see them :wink:

Did you setup the Alexa Account node in applestrudel ?

Im not seeing any of my alexa show's or alexa echo's. I have 5 Alexa echos and 3 alexa shows

What does the status indicator look like on your 'Alexa Initialise' node? It should look like this.

What settings are you using on your 'Alexa Routine' node? This is what mine looks like.

Simple test message

You can also refer to an Alexa device using msg.xxxx e.g. msg.device
You would need to set msg.device to the name of the Alexa device in your NR flow.

I'm not getting that statement above. Amazon-Alexa

The account name is not important, its just what you called it when you set it up.
I have a variety of devices including shows and it works OK for me, is it possible you have those devices setup on a different amazon account ?

Finally got all my speakers in Alexa. I did do the test and it works. Now trying to figure out what wrong with my Homeseer. Can not get my webhook to work correctly keep getting Cannot GET /homeseer/webhook

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