Node-red-contrib-amazon-echo problem

i have a Raspberry Pi 4 with IOBroker and the Node-Red adapterand i like to control some lights with alexa, so i get the palette "node-red-contrib-amazon-echo". After that i insertet the amazon echo hub and a device with a unique Name. But if a serch for new devices in the alexa app it cant find the new device.
So what have i done wrong. Maybe i have to ad an alexa skill or something?

sorry for my very bad english im a german guy and dont speak english so often...

I got tripped-up by the same or a very similar problem.
Here's a link to what I found to use port 8980 rather than port 80 (which needs to run as root - not good news).

Hope it works for you.
Regards, David

I tried that but it didn't work at all.
But thanks anyway :slightly_smiling_face:

with blockly the connection to Amazon echo works, however, it is much more cumbersome than with node-red.
If it is blockly then it should be because of the connection from node red to the amazon 2 adapter or?

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