Amazon Echo Hub


Has anyone tried using this new node?

I've not managed to get it to work with Echo Dot Gen-2 and NR running on Raspian Stretch on a RPi-3+

Would be interesting to hear from anyone who has been successful with it.

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Worked fine for me, running NR on my mac
I ran discovery from from 2nd Gen Echo Show, but I can't be sure that was the device performing local discovery as I have pretty much every kind of echo on the account/network.



What port number did you use in the properties tab on the Amazon Echo Hub ??



80, although then you'll need to start node red as root/sudo as you're accessing a privileged port (<1024)



Thanks for your response.
I've read on this forum that running NR as root is not recommended - so I've avoided it.
The port-address for the node has been made user-configurable, so I assume there is a port above1023 that Amazon Echo Dot Gen-2 listens on?



I'm not massively familiar with it but I think what this node is doing is replicating the way an echo connects to a phillips hue bridge, eg over the local network, all other smart home skills on alexa are cloud-cloud hue is the only LAN based service.
So the Amazon Echo node is making your NR look like a Hue Bridge that the echo can then discover and connect to.
It see from the code that the node uses the SSDP protocol to announce the port that the server is running on, and then it listens on that port for requests from the Echo to your Nodes, I expect that (at least some) of the echo devices will only connect to the server on port 80 as it was only ever designed to work with the hue's proprietary protocol and this is a bit of a hack (although quite a nice one!)
If you have a scan through the code you'll see various references to hue and what looks like a hard coded username which is presumably all reverse engineered from the hue stuff, A lot of this stuff was done in to allow people to create their own hue clone devices for Alexa to use.

In summary its not a case of finding a port that the Echo will listen on its a case of Node Red listening on a port that the Echo will connect TO



Hi Sam,
Thanks for your very detailed explanation which makes complete sense.

Cheers from David.