Amazon Echo Hub no working with Home Assistant OS

I am using Node-Red 14.0.0 with the Home Assistant 2023.1.1. I have placed the "Amazon Echo Hub" node on the page with default port 80 and device discovery checked. I placed "Amazon Echo Device" on the page and gave it a unique name. Then I placed a "Service Call" node and link all three together. I asked Alexa to discover, and nothing was discovered. The "Amazon Echo Device" shows a green dot below stating "online". I did hang a debug off the "Amazon Echo Hub" and no output is presented in the debug window. I confirmed both with wireless and wired via a browser that ( yields information. Home Assistant is running on a Dell computer (Home Assistant 2022.12.8, Supervisor 2022.12.1, Operating System 9.4, Frontend 20221213.1 - latest). Any help in resolving this issue is appreciated.

  • Echo Dot 2n generation
  • Echo Dot 3rd generation
  • Echo Plus 2nd generation
  • Amazon Echo Flex
  • Echo Show 5"

Node-REDs' most recent version is 3.0.2.

It appears that Home assistant lives in their own world with versioning and we see a lot of issues coming from that world.

There are not many home assistant users on this forum, most people here run only node-red as it can do exactly the same things as home-assistant plus more .

You may find more resources and help on the home assistant forums/discord.

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