The latest NodeRed does not work on HomeAssistant

Hi have updated Node Red 13.3.0 to the latest version Node-RED 13.5.3 running on Home Assistant 2022.11.4,

Post upgrade of NodeRed to 13.5.3, I'm unable to access my configurations in Node-Red. It reports an error that Node-Red is not running. I restart the Node-Red service however it reports the same issue when trying the access the Node-Red configuration, the Node-Red service crashes.

All my automations are done by Node Red, so this is causing major problems to my home automation.

I restore a backup of Node-Red version 13.3.0 and all works correctly, however Node-Red autoupdates to the latest version after a few hours which initiates the same problem and all my automation stops working again.

I would appreciate any assistance regarding this matter.

Best regards

Node red is currently on version 3.0.2 so I guess you are talking about the node-red plugin in HA. You will have to ask on an HA forum about that as they provide the plugin.

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Hi Colin,

I have just list another post with more detail.

Thank you for your response much appreciated..

I will also raise it with HA, hopefully I can get it resolved as none of my automations work as all automations are do within Node-Red.

Once again thanks for your response.

Best regards

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