Amazon Echo Hub

Just been playing with the Amazon Echo Hub node - great fun (my IoT students will love it).

One thing I've discovered is... if you ask it to set a colour it doesn't know or understand it hangs-up!!!

For example... Alexa, set 'thing' to black.

"Sorry 'thing' isn't responding, please check its network connection."

You can't turn it off by saying "Alexa, turn 'thing' off."
The only thing that seems to get it out of the hung state is to ask it to set itself to a colour it DOES understand.

Mine doesn't lock up after a "Alexa, set Pi to black"

It does get the RGB value wrong though

It just says it doesn't understand if I try a unknown colour


Maybe that's because mine is a Gen-2 and yours is a Gen-3 ????

Other things on mine - it sets RGB to 255,255,255 for grey and dark grey
Acknowledges white and issues msg but doesn't change RGB value

Thanks to Pete Scarghill and cymplecy I now have my Gen2 Echo Dot working in Node Red again. It used to work with the Alexa Local node but that has stopped working

I recently bought a Beca 6000 wifi thermostat that is connected to Alexa. Can I control through the Alexa Echo Hub and if so how do I discover it in node red. What I want to do is link the thermostat setting based on a PIR sensor linked to node red determining if the house is occupied.

I'm using the amazon-echo-hub in Node-Red. When I receive the payload from the amazon-echo-hub it contains the IP Address of the master echo device.

I have several Echo devices am looking for a way to determine which Echo device received the Alexa command.

How can I get the IP Address of the Echo device that received the Alexa command?

I don't think its possible with the echo-hub, Try using node-red-contrib-alexa-remote2.

Can't seem to get this redirect to work, hub looks like its online but I can't discover, is there a way to release the ports? undo the above?

I've not used it in ages and I just copied from someone else so no real idea of what its doing :frowning:

Its cool, I'll restore from a backup to resolve, thanks!

I've been using... as it seems a lot more reliable and dead-easy to set-up than Amazon Echo Hub.

Yes it is a nice contrib and fast. The only difference is echo hub runs local, while the virtual smart home has more switches/devices and auto discovers devices, and will update the switch status on the amazon app, with a msg input. Both have been reliable for me.