Need help with Array from Payload Objects to Display in a Table

Good Day all,

As a relative newbie to Node Red, Arrays are something that I know of, basically how they work and generally steer clear of due to my lack of understanding...

I have (unfortunately for me) now got to the point that I need to use an array to display data on a dashboard.... (At least I think I need to use an array to display this data on a dashboard, that is.)

I have message objects coming through in the following format:

excerpt from debug pane...

2021/05/23, 16:44:57node: 59076efc.5e268
msg.payload : Object
Address: 2
Battery2 Voltage: 49.739
Battery2 Current: -1.561
Battery2 Tempr: 22.2
Battery2 Tlow: 19.4
Battery2 Thigh: 19.5
Battery2 Vlow: 3.315
Battery2 Vhigh: 3.316
Battery2 SOC: 98
Battery2 MosTempr: 20.2

Which I would like to display on a node-red-node-ui-table ....

"Live Data" would be nice, with cell contents updating on the fly, but is not a necessity...

The data for each battery is in exactly the same format, the only bits changing being the Address: and the Battery2 prefix on each field (The Battery2 prefix can be removed quite easily if needed, giving just the field name if the prefix complicates matters.)

This is the simplest and first of two tables that I need to create on the dashboard, the second is simply much larger (in columns and rows), but follows the same basic pattern....

If there is a better way to do this rather than using node-red-node-ui-table to display the data as a table, I am open to suggestions too...

Many Thanks

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