Need Help with creating Dashboard from Sense Hat data on raspi 3


I watched this tutorial right here : and managed to pull it out.I am interested to do something similar to this however not with temperature or humidity etc. but with the gyroscope data.Could anyone possibly help me ? Thanks in advance



Hi @george

Rather than us recreate that tutorial, I suggest you follow that guide and get it working for temperature etc first., The gyroscopic data is exactly the same principle - its just a different property of the message being sent by the SenseHAT node.

I can’t remember off the top of my head the name of the property (yes, I wrote the node, but I’ve not looked at it for a while…), but the info sidebar will tell you - and the Debug sidebar can help you see the message structure.




Thanks for your reply.i already know how to make a dashboard with temperature humidity etc.. but for some reason the acceleration gyroscope and the orientation,in the debug sidebar, do not give a number it just says object.Do you know the reason ?I am attatching a photo so you can see it yourself and possibly understand the situation better.It is vital for me to make it work in order to make a dashboard or a graph from those sensors that seem to not give data




and if you click on the twistie arrow > (just before { acceleration: if will expand and so on… so you can explore what is inside - and then for some tips see -