Need help with HomeKit level sensor

Hi All,

I’m trying to add a level sensor (HC-SR04) to homekit. The closest thing I can find is humidity sensor but that labels it as humidity not level. Is there a way to change the humidity tag to level.

I’ve pasted the HomeKit node how I’ve configured it.


[{"id":"52afa747.44b668","type":"homekit-service","z":"1c8c3ff6.c9876","accessory":"24f77fbf.856d8","name":"Level","serviceName":"HumiditySensor","x":530.7831268310547,"y":317.0000057220459,"wires":[[]]},{"id":"24f77fbf.856d8","type":"homekit-accessory","z":"","accessoryName":"Level","pinCode":"444-44-444","port":"","manufacturer":"HC-SR04 ultrasonic Sensor","model":"Default Model","serialNo":"Default Serial Number","accessoryType":"10"}]

You cannot, as it is not available as a service in homekit, 3rd party apps might support it (like elgato eve), but it will require custom characteristics to make it work.

No doubt interesting, but please try to keep questions here relevant to Node-RED. Thanks

I was thinking that all the data sent to HomeKit from node red comes from the HomeKit node, so would there be anywhere in the HomeKit node to configure it