Need help with Node-RED API

I need to find way how to manage all nodes inside Node-RED from the remote server application, which will be running as central management tool.

We use Node-RED for control of assembly lines by PLCs, and we need to be all changes done automatically after changes in central management.

Needed changes:

  • ad new PLC flows with needed settings
  • delete unused PLCs flows
  • change properties in existing PLCs flows
  • add / delete / change setting for some other flows and nodes too

I just found that I can use an Node-RED API for manage of this.
I found also possibility for saving flows data to database too, using Node-RED API.

I'm absolutely new for this, so I don't understand well how to use Node-RED API official documents .
Can you please advice me how to start with using of this API?
Or, if anybody has experience with a similar solution, please let me to know more information about you solution.

Thank you very much.


PM me, I have a solution that might work for you.


Hello Joe,

thanks for your response and sending me basic information.

Can you please send me more information about how can be done management / changes inside Node-RED remotely and automatically.
We will do all changes on our management server, which can prepare data structure with data for one or more PLC where changes were made. And we need to provide all changes at the and device.
We expect, there will be 30-40 devices, every device will be managing up to 15 PLCs.


In order to provide high level of security because node-red itself is not compiled which means that anyone can read your code if they get access to it, we compile it in the dashboard. This means that what is sent to the end device is a compiled version of node-red and all of your customizations in a single deployment package.

You can create groups of device types and deploy changes to the whole group at once or to individual devices. The compiled node-red code is then sent to the devices you choose.

These code changes can be done at any time that you wish and as often as you wish.

We are currently managing thousands of devices for our clients.

What other questions can I help with?


To clarify, Joe is answering for the solution he has created that is above and beyond the core node-red APIs that can be used to remotely manage flows.

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I am so sorry. I did not realize this was going into the public forum! I thought the email that I was responding to was going to Petr’s PM.

I will move the conversation to PM.


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