Need help with time function


i want to use node Red to optimize my PV System, my battery charger and my heat pump.
For this i have read an function that use the solar forecast of the day and calculate the optimal time where i have to switch my heat pump on and off.
The function give my two times:

But now i did not know the how i must do the last step :slight_smile:
I can show this two values.. now problem, but if i read out
bestStartTime: "2024-02-09T10:30:00.000Z"
I will send an MQTT Message at 10:30 to my HeatPump to turn it on.

How can i read out this bestStartTime and send a message at this time?

Thank you very much
Have a nice day

You probably want to use a scheduling node like node-red-contrib-cron-plus (node) - Node-RED

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