Network Packet Loss


I was just wondering if is it possible to calculate packet loss of a stream of data transmitted through a LAN network using some nodes in Node-RED. I have two machines on a LAN network, each has Node-RED running separately. I am using UDP and TCP sockets (in different experiments) to transmit a stream of data from a node running on Node-RED of the first machine to be received by another node running on Node-RED of the second machine. Is it possible to find a way in Node-RED to calculate the packet loss of my data for each method (UDP and TCP)?

Thank you in advance!

udp will be hard,no sync/ack. you could use tshark or any other commandline based packet tracer.

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I agree, you would need a method to either monitor or proxy the transfer. Typically finding packet loss has to be done right down in the network stack so something high-level like Node-RED won't have access unless a 3rd-party tool is used. Then the difficulty is matching the actual data transfer in Node-RED terms to the low-level data transfer.

This is most easily done manually if you are able to use Wireshark.

If you want to measure packet loss you probably will need to measure delay and jitter too. Better to use a specialized tool like iperf.